Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I'm Ticked Off!!!

I'm really ticked off today. Wednesday is bowling day. I love bowling and look forward to it once a week. I am on a team that I did not know the people when I started but that is not a problem for me. I've enjoy it but today my teammates let me down. I rushed to the bowling alley cutting short my nail appointment and damaged a beautifully painted thumb nail in the process. I ran into the alley right at time to start and where was my team, nowhere to be seen. On top of the total embarrassment and let down, we were to bowl the best team there. Two guys and a girl that kick ass on the lanes. They bowl 200's nearly every week and I am nowhere near that. I put my shoes on and get my ball out. I bowl the first frame thinking my team members will show up. I finally call one of the ladies whose phone number I have and find out she had a family emergency. Okay, that will fly. I don't have the other girls number (she is the treasurer of the league) but find the president of the league and friend of mine. She said that the girl with the family emergency called her and asked her to find a sub, which she couldn't on short notice. Uh, why not call me, her teammate. She then said that the treasurer girl left a check to pay for the lanes and when she does that she usually is not coming. Okay. WHY THE HELL DO YOU NOT CALL YOUR TEAMMATE! Both girls have my phone number but never called. I had to take my shoes off, gather up my ball and leave. I was mortally embarrassed by this and so very let down. I was stood up and I thought I had left all that behind in high school (my dating years). So here I sit at home while all the teams are bowling, without our team. WAAAAaaaaa.

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