Saturday, January 26, 2008

Come Saturday Morning

I've been lacking in posting lately as my mind is as frozen as the season outside. I so HATE winter and seem to hibernate like a bear this time of year. I gain weight (which I'm trying to work on) and I get sullen and just want to stay inside and veg out. Luckily I have friends that can get me bowling and out for a glass of wine and laughs.

I've had troubling days as little A is very sad and unhappy in California and her life right now. I was of the thought before that she needed to be there but now it is time she said I was wrong and came home. She needs to be somewhat close to us to regroup on her plans for the future right now. I don't mean she move in with us again, GOD NO, her father and she would kill each other but close, maybe even Oklahoma City or Dallas, just closer. The Hubby and I are flying out there in February for 4 days to see her and see where she lives with her guy. The Hubby is not going with an open mind at all. She is 22 years old and he just keeps harping on her going to college. I have told him over and over again that is not an option for her right now. She is not in the right frame of mind and probably will never be until SHE decides it is right for her. I am not going to do high school all over again as it was ME who made sure she even graduated in the first place. It was a struggle to keep her in school as she hated it so very much.

This week also brought our 32nd wedding anniversary. I got dinner and a huge dozen red roses and unfortunately mother nature decided to make an appearance since it had been since October, RATS! This spring will also usher in the anniversary of meeting The Hubby, my fate and wonderful future 33 years ago, the first time he said I love you and our first "real" get together! I've lived with this man longer than I lived with my own family. Amazing.

We decided to stay in town this weekend to just do stuff at home and of course his new project, the garage. His garage we bought 2 days after Christmas and was an old working car mechanics shop. It is full of old engine blocks, oil, boxed new auto parts, old cars, riding lawnmowers, boats, and lots of greasy crap. He loves it! It's just a huge toy box to him. I stayed in town to do my mounds of laundry that I HATE to do and to work on my room. Yes I said my room. I have GOT to get it cleaned out since the rehearsal dinner is here in March and I need it to look great! Uh, yeah. It is 9:41 am and I'm still sitting her on the couch typing. I've had 2 cups of coffee, done the crossword and Sudoku and wrote in my journal. I guess I need to get up and WORK! It's just so gray and dreary outside. ICK! Enjoy the video/music Come Saturday Morning from my junior high era.

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