Sunday, January 06, 2008

Saturday night on Sunday morning

Today The Hubby and I are revisiting the events of last night. We set up our friend Kelly (widower) with one of their high school friends, Beverly. I have fought this for awhile, I think because I wasn't ready. The Hubby was a nervous wreck waiting for them to arrive at the house for drinks before we went to dinner. You would think that he was having the date. He really likes Beverly and of course Kelly is his best friend (since they were 5 years old). They arrived and we had a glass of wine, nice conversation and then we piled into The Hubby's Avalanche to our destination, Lucky's on Cherry Street. Kelly opened the car door for Beverly each and every time she entered the car, very nice. We had a really nice dinner and it was interesting to watch them have their own conversation, actually leaving us out of it. At the end of dinner when the check was brought, Kelly picked the whole thing up. Nice. I was really impressed with how well Kelly held conversation with Beverly. Kelly and his wife were junior high sweethearts and so he really never dated but I think he did well. It helped that all three of them, Kelly, Beverly and The Hubby all lived in the same neighborhood as children and graduated together so there was a huge commonality of stories and history to work off of. After dinner The Hubby wanted to show his new building, yuck. He then wanted to show off Beverly's new room remodel (we did the lighting). I was not sure he should have invited us all over to her house but she is single and the house is always immaculate. The evening was getting really late but we still had to come back to our house to look at our Europe scrapbook and then Kelly's Russia pictures. All in all the evening finally ended at midnight. We saw them to the door and The Hubby peeked out the window about 10 minutes later and they were still by their cars talking. Thumbs up I hope.

Before the evening started my sister called to let me know that she has a new puppy. Great, not really. They've had two large dogs and didn't handle that well. The first one who was a wonderful kid dog got out and they NEVER looked for it. The second one, a German Shepard never was played with and they finally gave it away. They have two cats inside and one of them has a urinary infection or something that makes it wet everywhere except the litter box. It is so scared of everybody (except Sis) that it never makes an appearance. She needs to give it back to Street Cats but talks of just "getting rid of it". As a pet owner Sis is not the greatest. She has had one little dog that was fabulous but ended up living at my parents and my Momma loved that little dog. The other irksome thing is that Sis has a problem with naming animals after relatives. Her other dog was named Cleo after our grandmother. Now she wants to name this little puppy after our mother, Julia Carol. The dog is a boy. I suggested Jules and she loved it but I don't think the kids did. I can't wait to hear today of their first night with a new puppy. I bet it cried and screamed all night long.

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