Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year - 2008

Happy New Year to all.

December 30 we said our goodbyes to A at the airport as it was time for her to fly back to California to her other life, as she puts it. It was hard to say goodbye but I know we will see her in February, hopefully as The Hubby and I will drive to see her. We dropped her off and then piled into The Hubby's truck then we drove to the cabin to ring in the new year with a few of the people there and it was fun, really it was. Anyway, we had a progressive dinner going from cabin to cabin for appetizer, soup, main course (our cabin), dessert then finally Champagne and party favors. There were a few that had a little too much but that's OK. Some were dancing fools and some were in tears with sad memories of the year past. I just got sleepy. It was way past my bedtime and I was ready to just stay at our cabin at 9 and go to bed but I had to party on. We had a total of 24 guests dining at our cabin. We even had a no-show guest that sent food but didn't come to any of the festivities. His excuse was that his 93 year old mother was not well in Tulsa and he was staying close to the phone. Okay, on one level I will believe that but I know from his grumblings to other cabin owners that he had problems on how the event was planned, the amount of people and how or what we were to bring to when and where. Whatever! I can choose to believe his believable excuse or option 2. I'm not sure yet what I choose to believe.

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