Friday, July 13, 2007

Bored Again!

Well, here I sit. It is Friday afternoon about 1:40 pm and I am sitting in our office, ALONE! It has been that way all week long. It wouldn't be so bad but the TV program/hookup The Hubby put in my computer has a bug or something and so I'm alone, really alone this week. I'm going crazy sitting here with absolutely NOTHING to do (did I mention no windows to speak of). I read a book this week but finished it yesterday and forgot to bring a new one with me today. I thought we would be leaving early to go to the cabin but OH NO that is not happening. I know, I know, he's busy bringing in the bread, the moolah, the money, but why do I have to sit here all day long and wait for him to come back in sometime to get an invoice, just one invoice ready for me to type, probably about 3:30 or 4 when I want to go home. He cannot understand why I really don't want to be here anymore or at least not all the time. The #1 daughter has asked if she can come to work for us if she quits her other job (another story about hating where she is right now)and I'm absolutely all for it. (It would be temporary.) First of all, she needs to be able to help either The Hubby out if I'm "gone" or the other way around, or even both of us, so it would be a great learning experience for her. Second, I could use some time off while she gets the place organized. I'm just so depressed and bored out of my mind sitting here that I can not do anything. I have no desire, energy, or just plain interest in it at all right now. The Hubby just doesn't understand my feelings about it all. He wouldn't understand since he goes out all day long running around, checking on the jobsites, giving quotes, visiting with people. I know he sometimes hates it but I envy him and always have, and in return he envies me. I just need a break, and I know the spa trip was supposed to give me that but that was a tease, just a tease. I'M BORED, I'M DEPRESSED, I'M BORED, BORED, BORED...

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