Monday, July 30, 2007

Can we say colonoscopy!

Tomorrow The Hubby has his first colonoscopy. He has left the office to go home and start drinking the "stuff" that make him not want to leave a particular room! I say, "See ya later." I am left to man...woman the office today. Tomorrow morning we have to BE at the hospital at 6am. That's really no sweat since we get up at 5 every morning. I just need about 30 more minutes to eat my oatmeal and shower. I'm feeling a little guilty because I will be eating in front of him but it can't be helped, I have to have sustance. My colonoscopy will probably be this fall so it will be his turn to be the DD (designated driver).

I finished Harry Potter last night. Stayed up till midnight then up at 5 am for Jazzercise. A little sleepy here! I liked the ending but it was a little slow going in the book. I thought Rowling wrapped it up nicely for the kiddos reading it. It was also, I think, the first time I saw a "bad" word in her books. It was bastard. Curious. Well, anyway now I'm on to The Queen of the South. I've had to put Paula Deen's book on hold while I finished Harry and the bookclub choice. A reading we will go, A reading we will go, Hi Ho the Darrio A Reading we will go! I'm a little sleep deprived......

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LiveLee said...

i haven't finished with Harry yet, i was a little leery when you mentioned it i thought i might have to close the browser, but you didn't spoil it. i can't wait to be done.
but, slow going is soooo true.