Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Weekend

Finally got a whole weekend at the cabin and I feel refreshed although I don't know if you can feel refreshed when you just hosted a dinner gathering for 16. It was great fun. The Hubby smoked a DAMN good brisket and everyone brought a side dish or dessert or appetizer. I made a couple of great recipes. In the Cooking Light magazine (not sure which month) is a very simple recipe for Fresh Corn Salad. FABULOUS! Run out today and get the copy for that recipe alone. It was fast, simple and delicious. I also found a recipe on the web for a sopapilla cheesecake (the one with 2 pkg of crescent rolls and 3 pkgs of cream cheese). It was very good but you want to eat it warm as it kind of stringy. We had good food and great conversation, at the the guys had some great conversation. They were enamored by a guest of one of our guests. They were pilots together and the guests-guest used to be a Romanian MIG fighter pilot. The men (little boys) were intriqued by his stories. The man was very nice but the instant he sat one foot in our door the stories started and 3 of the men didn't even make into the kitchen to eat they were so wrapped up in the center of attention that was the guests-guest. I was a little perturbed because I could hardly get the eating started with the rest of the guests, but all in all the evening was huge success at the party didn't break up till around 11 and usually the lake parties break up about 9.

On the note of the lake. The water is down on the wigwam but still totally covering the meadows and the swimming area and the dam is still totally under. The vegetation that was under is rotting and absolutely stinks.

Toddles all as I surf the web.

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