Friday, July 06, 2007

My World is Complete

Today at lunch The Hubby asked if I minded running an errand with him. "Sure" I tell him. We make our way through lunch hour traffic and pull up in front of, wait for it.....Hubcap Kingdom. My world is now complete. I've seen it all. Wow, a whole store of hubcaps. Funny don't you think.

Last night was the beginning of the new Big Brother 8 and this season should be full of fireworks. It actually made me feel a little uncomfortable sitting and watching ex's, old hated friends and the father daughter thing start to unfold. I wouldn't be surprised if there was some physical altercations that happen, mark my word on that, at least between the ex's.

1 comment:

LiveLee said...

altercations...mmmm? i see some sex happening...they've been there, done that, and its so easy to get back to what's familiar, don't you think?