Monday, April 04, 2016


Yes, I'm back again to chitter-chatter this very early AM, 5:40 to be exact.  Yesterday the plan was that I DID NOT have to leave the house all day long so I was going to paint.  But walking into "my room" and seeing the huge mess it was just was not conducive to painting.  I've been planning on reorganizing before May but had could not get it together to make it happen.  I started around my chair which took me over an hour and ended making more piles but tossing a lot out.  Then it started getting overwhelming.  Really, my room looked like a hoarders house but contained in one room.  Piles and piles of books, financial stuff, art supplies, canvases, magazines, the crap I had accumulated was too much for me to handle.  I was almost in a panic to just shove it all back in the corners till another day.  I totally understand how hoarders can feel and I don't have the sometimes emotional issues they have.  It can be so overwhelming so I sent a text to my oldest and she came to my rescue.  Granted we have piles down the hall waiting to be put back but hey, I'm seeing floor now, actual floor and a huge bag full of books to sell.  Yes, giving away some of the books I have a hard time with, I LOVE books, all books and that is difficult.  We haven't even gotten to one of the cabinets of books.  The ones I can't get rid of are the ones that were my momma's and mine from childhood.  The sad thing is I haven't even read these books.  I cannot buy anymore.  I have to admit I am a kind of hoarder but it's all good.  Eventually the easel and art supplies will move to my studio at the shop but I have to have an easel here for the urge to create.  

I will soon have this space all straightened up to enjoy again, I promise.  


Tatersmama said...

It sounds as though you got accomplished, even though you may not feel like you did! Seeing "floor" is a danged good start, anyway, and with some of the 'clutter' thrown out, it truly does make it easier to organize the rest! Thank goodness for helpful children, eh?

Linda Kay said...

Clutter gets to me, moreso than dust or dirt, so I'm not likely to have piles of stuff. Hubby on the other hand is a "collector", and he has collections of magazines, papers, stuff, in addition to the good things.

Sweet Tea said...

I don't really inderstand the "thang" about keeping books, but heaven only knows I have tried to understand since mt DH shares your love of them. Unless t's a refernce book I read a ook then give it to someone else to read and pass on to someone else. I know LOTS of people who love to save their books so I think you're in good company.