Saturday, April 16, 2016


This diet.....NO.....not diet.....Life Change With Food...

is still rolling on and on.  I'm not saying I've been an angel but mostly, yes I have.  Last weekend we headed to the cabin and I knew that would be a challenge.  The cabinites all like to get together and drink, eat and be merry.  Friday night was ham and cheese sandwiches and chips and I was on tap for appetizers.  I brought carrots and celery and Greek yogurt dip.  I ate the insides of the sandwiches and only drank water.  With the C&C&Dip I took these wonderful okra chip thingys that I have found at Whole Foods or Reasors.  I know there is a bit of oil but I can have a couple and it's like chips.  (Going to try the kale chips again.)  Saturday night was pork tenderloin and again I was up for appetizer.  So I put together an amazing platter of fresh, blanched veggies and more of the dip.  I admit I had a couple of chips and guacamole, EGGROLLS, and one gin and tonic but mostly water.  I bought a bottle infuser and had cucumber, strawberries and lime in my infuser.  Yum!  Honestly I did okay.  During the week I made an awesome Skinny Zucchini Lasagna.  It is so very good and makes several servings to eat during the week.  
I've also been dragging my lunch to art on Tuesday's.  So in anticipation of the week of lunches I roasted eight chicken breasts and bagged them up individually to grab, pack and run.  It has worked beautifully and my yummy water infuser has been by my side also.   
The upside of this new food change is I'm down 9 POUNDS!  That is exciting and spurs me on but I have to admit that it is a struggle and I want it to move faster.  I know if I start really exercising it will move but, but, but, but...I have excuses, I won't lie.  

I was also faced with this temptation at art as Miss C insisted she bring donuts because she won a blue ribbon.  I asked her PLEASE not to but she said she had too.  ARGHHHH.  I DID NOT EAT!  I had the same challenge at the office as a sales rep brought a box and I DID NOT EAT!

My pal Linda, who is doing this with me, my art buddy too, have discovered that we can eat at the Mexican restaurant across the street from art.  We order lettuce, carne asada steak, pico, cheese, guacamole, sour cream, no taco chips, and it is delicious. 
This food lifestyle change is a struggle not only daily and  hourly, but by minutes and seconds.  I have to consciously think about my choices every second.  It's always on my mind.  As I drive past temptations, walk by my pantry, or make runs to the grocery store, my mind it always saying, "No.  Maybe.  Absolutely not, you are stronger than that."  Every step I take, every thought I have I'm constantly talking myself out of making a bad choice.  It is exhausting but it is paying off and I have to keep pushing forward.  

For dinner last night I wanted to go out.  I wanted to make the right choices successfully and I think I did.  We went to Charlestons and I knew I would have to say NO to the bread that accompanies the salad.  Awww, that wonderful melt-in-your-mouth roll.  I ordered the salmon with a side of steamed broccoli, salad with no croutons and NO BREAD!  It was delicious and I was satisfied.  


Sweet Tea said...

Good for you!! You're doing GREAT!!
Food is such a friend. When we don't have our faborites
we miss it so. Keep up the good work!!

Linda Kay said...

You are doing well, Jill. I'm trying to eat healthy as well, not no carbs, but just fresh foods with no preservatives