Monday, April 18, 2016

Babies and Dance

Snicklefritz update.....Cuteness!
Oh my goodness how do I love this little girl.  She just makes my heart go pitty-pat when she runs up to me and says, "Granny!" 

I've been very busy making lots and lots of baby blankets.  I have six friends who are going to be first time grandmothers (5 girls and 1 boy) and I have always crocheted baby blankets, ever since I was in high school.  In fact, my first one was for my General Business, Typing teacher, Mrs. Maples when she was to have her first child.  She had a little girl, Karen and that kiddo is in her 40's now.  WHAT!  Yup.  The first blanket I made I was 16 years old so it is nearly 45 years old and Rio plays with it everyday.  You can't even tell it is that old.  Guess we should put it up but why.

Snicklefritz snapped this little jewel with my camera.  That girl is a natural picture taker! 

I forgot to mention this past weekend that The Hubby and his dance partner Tina were in a competion and danced a routine they had been practicing for nearly two months.  They did an awesome job.  Tina is a wonderful dance partner for him, thank goodness it's not me, and I support them fully!

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Linda Kay said...

Wow! Hubby is a dancer? You two are truly artists! Cute granddaughter.