Friday, April 01, 2016

Friday Morning Spillage

Friday morning and I'm sitting at my office desk looking out the windows at the gray skies and I thought I would see what would spill out of my brain.  

Brrrr, it is a bit chilly this morning.  I just finished doing the guys payroll, paying bills and a bit of invoicing and it's only 9:38.  The girly and Snicklefritz will be here soon and then I will be off to get some milk and veggies and wait for The Hubby to say "Let's go" to the cabin.  We're only staying one night as we're coming back to town to attend a play for one of his dance peeps.  I'm waiting for the temperatures kick up a bit to spend some quality time at the cabin.  Brrrr, I so hate the chill and my joints are beginning to creak every time it turns cold.  I'm ready to till up my tiny garden and plant some tomatoes.  Actually, I should go ahead and get it ready and put my Wall-O-Water's in and buy the plants.  Maybe this next week I can get that accomplished.  I'm ready for fresh veggies from my garden.  I don't plan on going all out but once I get to the greenhouse...oh boy...I get carried away with all the green plants and possibilities from planting stuff.  

Next week I'm taking (with a friend) some paintings to Muskogee for another art show.  Hopefully, I will have some good luck again.  I've got so many options available to paint lately and I just don't know where to start.  I've got to find a good rooster picture to paint for the Cattle Baron's Ball.  I've been asked again if I would like to donate a painting and the guy suggested that roosters are a bit thing now so I guess that is what I will do.  My problem is I don't have a rooster picture and I won't pull one off the internet.  That's just not what I do.  Does anyone have a good photo that they would give me permission to paint!!!!  

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