Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Fear No More

Wednesday morning and here I am yet again sitting very early looking through my WINDOWED office.  It is quite wonderful but alas, the skies are gray and stormy looking.  Yesterday I went to art and finished that painting finally and have promptly given it away to the lady from which the window came from.  Yes, I think I could have sold it with no problem but she is getting married (sometime) and I wanted her to have it.  The response on Facebook was AMAZING so I will probably sell some giclee's (prints).  My painting buddy, Linda and I took off early from art to drive 10 paintings (3 mine, 5 hers, and 2 Peggy's) to Muskogee for a show that starts this week through Sunday.  I had never driven to Muskogee and brings me to part of the reason for my writing this morning.  

Fear, yes fear I say is no more for me, or least most of it.  I'm not sure if it's confidence, age, or just doing stuff over and over to over come some of my fears.  Let's take driving to Muskogee, usually that would have made my stomach be in absolute knots.  In fact so bad that I might have been in the bathroom a lot but as it turned out I just didn't get that feeling of fear yesterday, not one time.  It's like when I drove to Oklahoma City last fall for that art workshop with my friend Linda and absolutely NO FEAR where as several years ago when I had to drive through there to Lawton I actually had to stop outside of OKC to change my underwear.  That is how debilitating my fear was for driving to the unknown.  Now if I was faced with driving to Dallas or Kansas City, that might be a bit of a challenge but I think I could do it.  This Mediterranean Cruise this art group is taking next fall would tend to put me into a panic, especially when it's not planned by a person that does that kind of thing for a living.  One of the ladies going has done it all and I'm OKAY with that.  I'm actually looking forward to it all without fear, well a touch but mostly none.  Yeah.  Now while we are there we are going to the Amalfi Coast and Positano to be specific.  Positano, as in Under The Tuscan Sun.  If you've seen the movie, there are buildings out of the sides of cliffs and cliffs means mountainous areas and heights and FALLLLLling.....  One of my worst fears but I want to go there SOOOOO bad that I am overlooking that.  The Hubby has given me grief about this fear and actually told me that he hoped that I don't have a hysterical meltdown in front of them.  Really, well Mr. if I do I can't HELP it.  It just happens to me, it's called a PANIC ATTACK.  My FRIENDS told me that well, wouldn't you rather have something like that happen when you are with friends that can HELP you through it.  Yes, I would thank you.  But really, I think if I can get my head wrapped around it I can overcome like I have with this other stuff.  I know I can with SUPPORT, the key work Mr.



Tatersmama said...

Good for you! I hope to get to the point of "no fear" while we drive to our new home in Georgia, but time will tell, I guess! At least I know that I'm not the only one who has gone through this. :)

Linda Kay said...

I had to drive to downtown San Antonio last Friday, but just logged in my map on the phone, and drove right to the location. I was so proud of myself.