Friday, December 20, 2013

Random 5 Friday

I'm trying something new here from A Rural Journal, it's a Random 5 Friday

1.  I like routine.  I was not like that in my early years yet here I am approaching my 58th year and I am a routine person.  Does that come with age?  I think it kind of does for all of us.  It's just how things roll.  I am up the same time.  I have breakfast the same time.  I do the same things every morning the SAME!  The evening rituals are the same way too.  Not sure how I feel about this.  Hated it when my mother started doing it.

2.  I love books, I mean I LOVE books!  I love to own books.  When we were children my mother made sure we all had library cards and we were constant visitors to the library.  I could sit in there for hours and look at books.  Even though I love the library what is even better is to OWN books.  Oh gosh I hated it when Borders went out of business.  I would walk in the door to their tables of new releases and my arms would be full of books.  I could not walk out of that store without spending a couple hundred dollars on books.  The smell, the sound, the feel of the paper...I LOVE owning books as is evident by the piles that are in various places in my house.  Have I read all of them...not yet!

3.   I always wanted to be a writer, a fiction writer.  I found a few years ago that I am not very good at writing, or at least fiction.  Probably because I use "I" a lot!!!  It happens a lot when you write a blog as you usually are writing a lot about yourself.  I may not be a fiction writer but I am a writer!  I am a blog writer and I think I'm okay at it.  (My girls are fantastic writers.)  

It's fun and I've been doing in nearly 8 years now, here!  Did you know I print off every blog post I write.  I keep them in three-ring binders and dated.  One of these days my girls (they already to) or granddaughter or great-grandkiddos will read them and understand me more.  I recently found a site that I printed 2012 in a hardbound book!  There you go, I'm a writer and I am hardbound!

(This random 5 thing is kind of tough!)

4.  I hate winter.  Did I tell you that already!  I HATE WINTER!  It's just not pretty and it is dang cold.  It's hard on people financially and physically.  At least the physical for me.  I get chilled and I will not really get warm until spring.  I have to work very hard to not get depressed and eat myself into oblivion.  Snow is pretty, as long as I don't have to get out in it.  I get through the winter knowing that spring is just a few months away and I will see green again!

5.  I am a crafter at heart.  I crochet, I knit (a bit), I love little counted cross-stitch ornaments and oh yeah, I'm an artist.  I love that I have found my creative side.  It's always been there but this oil painting thing has give me a whole new dimension to ME!  I may never sell stuff for thousands of dollars but I do sell and that has done more for my confidence than you can imagine.  I think we grow as human beings until the day we die, and I don't me physically, I mean mentally.  We become more well-rounded, at least I have.  I hope to be an inspiration to my girls and granddaughter!  


Nancy Claeys said...

Thanks so much for joining in R5F this week Carla -- great to meet and learn more about you! Happy Holidays to you and yours. xo

Beth Edwards said...

i was trying to figure out all your books in that stack. do you ever read the same book over & over? i have many books in my collection that i love the read over ... so fun to see how they look different in older eyes. ( :

Snap said...

Wonderful 5! I'm a crafter, too. I love winter -- but then I live on the Gulf Coast where hot and humid reigns for 9 months out of the year (80 today). I love books. I'm not sure about the routine -- I like a little spice. ;) Merry Merry and a Happy Happy!

Buttons said...

Oh I love to surround myself with books, I am a knitter as of late but am not very good at it yet but I keep trying:)
I used to hate winter till I pulled on my first pair of snowshoes and headed into the woods to follow the tracks now I love it. Happy Holidays. B

Kay said...

I used to collect a lot of books too. Now, however, I have my Kindle and don't read hard cover anymore.