Sunday, December 29, 2013

Dinner Party

Real quick post here.  We had a small dinner party at our cabin last night and I have to say it went MARVELOUS!  Of course I didn't take pictures so sorry!  I wanted to do something different and I had a beef tenderloin in the freezer so that is what I decided to do.  As the guest list grew I decided that I needed a bit more and purchased a half of another tenderloin.  It was perfect.  Beef tenderloin is one of the easiest things to fix.  I crushed green, pink, white, and black peppercorns, added a bit of garlic powder and kosher salt to the mixture.  I took the tenders out of the fridge to get to room temperature for about an hour.  I patted the meat a bit dry and then rolled them in the peppercorn mixture.  The oven was preheated to 425 degrees.  The tenders were on a cookie sheet and The Hubby found his meat thermometer to help attain the best internal temp of between 125-130 degrees for medium rare.  They only cook about 20-25 minutes to attain that temperature.  After they hit the magic temp I took them out and (DON'T TOUCH THE PROBE WITH BARE FINGERS) tented them with foil to rest for 15-20 minutes.  Then slice and serve.  YUMMY! One of the guest brought cheese grits and another a salad.  A few more guests had the appetizer bit and that was perfect too.  Man the whole dinner was top notch and such fun.  Dinner, friends, a roaring fire, good food, now that is an evening.  Kind of my Christmas gift to my friends!  


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Good deal. We also had tenderloin and we had a real discussion on the temp. Me and MIL like it medium rare. Wife and son like it well done.

Heather prepped it similar to what you did and it was great.

Kay said...

That really does sound yummy. I've never made a beef tenderloin, but had it at a friend's house and was amazed at how tasty it was.