Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sick Kiddo

Last night I received a call from LA, from Afton.  She is sick.  Fever, chills and the probability of a UTI and kidney stones.  Poor baby.  I am so far away from my baby but I know that she has Nick and a plethora of friends to be there for her.  That is what happens when you are thousands of miles away from family, you have pseudo family.  Apparently when I hung up with her, her friends were in route to rescue, and Nick was not far behind coming from a gig.  By the time they got their her fever was 102.3 and she was convulsing.  They rushed her to the ER where I got more texts from her.  She was better and the fever was going down, convulsing probably from the high fever.  All night I didn't receive a text or phone call so I was not too worried.  They would call!  Finally, I see on Facebook that she is home having been given antibiotics for the UTI and the probability that she has passed the stone.  Poor baby!  She was so scared away from family, from home and not being this sick, ever.  Well, I say that but when she was a wee one she had UTI's, a lot, as did I and my mother, so this does not a surprise to me at all.  I'm just glad she is home, with Nick, and her kitties and has a fabulous array of great friends to care for her in my absence.

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