Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Granny Fail

I am a granny fail.  Last night we were to keep Rio overnight and everything seemed to be going great until bedtime.  I think the bad stuff started earlier in the day at the office.  I was trying to put her down for her nap and usually it is no problem.  I pick her up pat a few times and then she is asleep.  Yesterday she wanted her momma and cried and cried and sobbed and sobbed until Briana had to come in and take over.   
Rio and Vera
So then they brought her over about dinner time and as it turned out we went next door for a holiday drink with the neighbors and I took her over to show off.  She was so sweet and sat in my lap for about 20 minutes eating cheese and being adorable.  I left before The Hubby to feed her and get her ready for bed.  Dinner was a great success with squash, cottage cheese and dried pears.  She did a lot of walking around and around the house and every time she got close to her bedroom with the sound machine on and lights low she would cry.  I had an inkling that something was not right with that.  I then began the routine for bedtime.  We brushed her teeth, changed the diaper, lotioned, pajamas and read her little "Good Night Moon" book.  Bottle and sound machine on but WOW, nothing to do with closing the eyes.  She started to nod off until Clayton pushed open the door and cried to get on the bed where we were sitting.  RATS!  Then it was on, the crying and sobbing and screaming and squirming.  I spent 15 minutes with that and was wrung out.  I could not stand for her to be so upset, my heart was breaking.  She was so upset with the crying and she was doing the hiccuping thing.  We went into the living room and I sent a text to Briana that I didn't think it was going to work.  She said she would come get her but I should persist, that eventually she would give it up.  I guess I just am not tough enough anymore.  I could not stand to see the usually happy Rio so upset.  The Hubby said, "Why did you do that.  Just let her cry!" Oh gosh, I just have lost my confidence in childcare but I think it's a combination of things.  I didn't want to have Rio not like being at Granny's and not like her room.  (I have got to clean out the guest room - paintings to the ceiling.)  I caved and had to be rescued.  I think too I don't want to rock the routine that B&B have set up for Rio but maybe I need to do Granny rules at Granny's house.  This has got to be fixed as we are going to try this again on New Year's Eve and there is no calling to be rescued.  It is definitely an all-nighter as they are having a huge party.  I need to get the easy flow of getting her down again.  I don't want to be a Granny Failure.  


Nonnie said...

You. are. not. a Granny Failure! This must be something we all experience. Our two grands who live nearby and have stayed with us at least one night a week (and sometimes more) since they were born have gone through a couple of these times. I always wonder what is going on in their little minds. What is it that has made them fear all of a sudden? I must confess that we may be failures because we have crossed over and allowed them to either sleep with us or me with them. The other night I began in the room with 2 year old Jack, then after he was fast asleep went over to 5 year old Kate's (as she had requested) and about 3 in the morning back to DH. said...

oh your not alone. I have six grandchildren and all were around your babes ages.

oh man it breakes my heart when they do the hip cup crying. Well my babes are teens now and one 20

It gets better when they are three or four.

Then I was able to craft with Missy my craft girly back then. The boys I played on florr lego and trucks brmmmm brmmm.

Your not a Granny failure to Rio Grandma.

Better days ahead sweetie but man it sure wears you out. been there.
My hubby is a great singer. When at the last I was at my witts.

Hubby picked them up and sang and they were out like a light to stay till morning.

Maybe I should of learned how to sing.

Missy is a singer now . So Granddad put the music vibes in her I would say.

Merry Christmas To You and yours and yes babes. Or is it one Babe?

Beryl said...

Sorry you had such a bad night. You are still a great granny for even trying to keep her overnight. Very generous!

Kay said...

You are not a failure. You just need a little time to understand her and get your bag of tricks ready for the next time. You're a loving grandma and Rio is lucky to have you.