Saturday, December 28, 2013

Holiday Review

Here it is the last weekend of 2012 and I guess, if I must write something.  I've been so gone lately from this blog.  I've just been so busy and honestly I'm afraid to write some stuff that I want to vent about.  I guess I have vented a bit after the Thanksgiving theft.  Christmas was a bit tamer for sure.  Christmas Eve was at The Hubby's nephew's house with his sweet family.  Our great nephews are growing like weeds.  Of course we had the mother-in-law, brother-in-law and husband, and our sweet Rio, Bri and Brent.  There is just nothing like the awe of Christmas through a kids eye.  Rio followed the boys all through the house just giggling and do a lot of "WOW"!  She is a stitch.  

They didn't get to stay too long as it was getting past the little one's bedtime and they were to be off early in the morn to spend Christmas with Brent's family.

Christmas morning started off tame as we readied to go to Daddy's and have brunch with my siblings and their families.  We said 10 and my brother and his fam and The Hubby and I were there at 10...tick-tock, tick-tock as we waited.  10:30 rolled around and I sent a text to my sis, nothing.  Finally at 11 I said, "THAT'S IT!  We're eating."  No sooner than we sat with forks poised to enter our mouths with lukewarm food than the family rumble of their Camero rolled into the driveway.  She walked in and was aghast and said, "I thought it was 11 and I brought stuff to make gravy (since that is what I asked her to bring.)  Nope that's alright bacon will be just fine.  Shortly after their arrival the niece and hubby rolled in.  She was obviously a bit something with her eyes rolling back in her head as she ate and then suddenly SHE HAD TO LEAVE!  Her other uncle (her dad's bro) called and said he HAD to see her right then.  She was in a huge rush to get out.  I kind of yelled, "Hey, you have time to open your presents.  YOU CAN'T LEAVE!"  Of course all we gave them were gift cards but that is fine.  I wasn't going to give anything but The Hubby made me feel bad, really!  Of course, my sister didn't give anything to the other "children" and hasn't for a long time.  I guess maybe we could do that too and only give to Rio and the nephew that is still only 15.  That would be just fine with me.  

I guess maybe I'm just an old Scrooge, but I have a bad taste in my mouth.  All in all we had a very nice Christmas.  It was quite and the best was time with family and smooching the sweetness that is Rio!

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