Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ice, Ice Baby

The sky is falling, the sky is falling.  That is what the weather people were screaming yesterday.  Yes we did get some ice and areas to the north of here did too, it but it's not as bad as we had some years ago that devastated Tulsa (I think '07).  I did hear in the middle of the night the familiar sound of transformers buzzing as they go out.  Gosh, such a scary sound.  

The next year was the best year in business for us.  We do electrical stuff and the work was constant for the year.  Plus our generator installation side really took off and is still a huge part of our work.  Generator baby!
(from the '07)
Last night as the temperatures began to plummet I told The Hubby that we were going to go off the diet a bit and have beans and cornbread for dinner on Saturday.  Perfect chilly weather for it.  Speaking of the diet, I am down yet another pound, that would be 26 pounds.  It may be a slow process but at least I lost a pound during the holidays!

Yesterday we took our employees out to a Christmas lunch to Olive Garden.  In the past we have done a rib place but last year the service SUCKED!  The Hubby decided OG and it was a great decision.  One of our guys, when he found out where we were going, was like a kid he was so happy.  He had NEVER eaten at OG before.  Really?!  

It was a nice lunch and we were glad to do it.  I was very good there, as I did have pasta and a half a piece of bread but I only ate half the pasta dish.  It will be my lunch today.  Really, as long as I stay on he moderation side I can eat out and anything I want.  This no bread, pasta, potatoes or rice thing has been awesome for me.  We don't miss it and eat tons of veggies.  

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Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I was sure relieved to wake up and see that although there was ice on the trees, the roads were just wet and the temp was just a tad above freezing. I hate ice more than anything.

Congratulations on your diet and good on you and your husband for taking your employees for a nice lunch.