Friday, September 02, 2011

Construction and Kissing

Just to let everyone know I'm still hanging around.  I've been busy with Daddy, working more and the remodel so my mind has been otherwise occupied, A LOT! 
The remodel is going, just going.  Although we do have the shower walls and ceiling done and the sink counter tops installed, the plumbing is at a standstill, the carpenter is at a standstill and the painter, hopefully will start SOON!  The carpenter has had to wait for the doors that have been on order for weeks now, which has put a hold on the painter and the marble install guy.  The Hubby also informed me that the painter may be here for at least 3 weeks.  EGAD!  I thought we would be through before October, before our trip to Maine/Bar Harbor, but that may not happen now.  We've been dealing with this since February and I'm fast loosing my patience.  We do have new sod and the flowerbed that was in shambles has been cleaned out from all the dirt work. 
That little corner will soon be my garden!!!!!  I'm pretty happy with that.  It is shady here but has mostly sun and a sprinkler head, who could ask for more in a garden spot!  Now if the sod would start perking up! 

B started teaching this week so my time at the office will pick back up again which I'm fine with.  Need to move my painting stuff there again, maybe.

Daddy is mending very well and this past week we saw Dr. Hippy again.  The doc gave him the thumbs up that he can walk and when the infectious doc says and the rehab guy says, he can go home and they don't have to see him for 3 months!!!!!  That is so encouraging and Daddy is so excited.  He has done quite well this time around at the nursing home and has made a ton of friends.  Tuesday a bunch of them got together and had a pizza party.  One of the ladies, Myrna, who has since been released for home, came back to the party.  Daddy is sweet on her and she on him.  She is 80, only 4 years older than Daddy, but, "she's a good lookin' woman," Daddy says.  He informed me on Wednesday at the doctor office that, "she planted one on me."  I kind of smiled and gave a little gasp, "On the lips?!"  "Yes", he said.  I was happy for him and he was beaming.  He's got a girlfriend and has had a kiss from a different woman for the first time in what, nearly 60 years!  You go Daddy! 

Well, hope I've updated enough and I promise everyone, I'll be back to reading your lovely blogs soon.  Don't forget me please.  I'm still here. 

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Cindy said...

Good for your Dad!