Friday, September 23, 2011

Good Fall Morning

Good morning, good morning, good morning...oh good Fall morning!  It is quite beautiful out there today and I'm almost giddy with the change of seasons.   I love three season out of four and fall is one of them.  Winter will bring out the crabbiness and complaining in me so beware.  I HATE to be cold. 

Afton is doing well on her tour with Tear For Fears with a post from Mexico City on Facebook about the altitude and how it has given her yet another first, supplemental oxygen.  I also received a phone call when she first left the country from her cell phone by a bathroom attendant that was left in a bathroom in the Dallas airport bathroom.  Oops!  Kind of put a red alert in my heart but she got it back quickly and was fine.  All the trials and tribulations of travel! 

The bathroom remodel is almost complete and I promise, promise, promise that pictures will soon be here.  Right now the painter is still strung out all over the place with touch-ups everywhere and we are slowly trying to load our closets up and clean out the other rooms of our mess.  In fact, the whole house is in dire need of re-organization at this moment.  It's amazing how one room add-on can impact every other room in the house.  It's a domino effect and will probably take me a few weeks to get it all together.  We still need the carpenter to come tweak the cabinet doors and drawers, the glass doors on the shower and the marble around the shower door installed and mirrors.  Of course, the electrician (AKA The Hubby) has been lax in his job too.  LOL!!! 

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Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Fall is Tulsa's best and my favorite season. I hate winter also.