Friday, September 09, 2011

Home Again

Finally, FINALLY, Daddy is to go home today.  After being in the nursing for nearly 2 months I am to pick him up with what little stuff he has and take him home.  He is walking, aided with his new-fangled walker, but he is walking and healed!  The Hubby, with the help of Bro, got Daddy's car this week, aired tires, put in a new battery, gased it up and cleaned the inside, not that he can drive.  He probably won't be able to for at least 3 months, but he'll know it is ready when he needs it.  The Hubby says it's a "man" thing.  We took the car back yesterday and parked it in the drive and I got a few food supplies so he is ready.  Oh, and on a thought I had The Hubby check his mailbox because I could not remember when his mail would start up again...well, it started up on Sept 1.  Oops, there were a couple of bills in there, one being the car title/registration!  Whew, got those paid and now have to remember to get his mail for him or have Bro pick it up.  The walk to his mailbox I fear might be a bit too far right now.  I have no idea when the paper starts up but won't worry until it starts appearing.  I have to get a gift certificate for the neighbor who has mowed his yard all spring and summer.  At least this summer the drought has kept that duty to a minimum.  Funny thing is when I checked out his two tomato plants in the backyard that his friend planted for him, the ones that have not been watered all summer long, hummmm, loaded with little green tomatoes and healthy.  Everything else in the yard is dried up but those tomato plants are beautiful.  Who would have thunk it!  May have fall tomatoes!

Construction update:  They have all the carpentry work done, except for a few tweeks but it is all in.  The painter started prepping for painting and that has taken 2 days of prep with three guys...EGAD...don't look forward to this bill.  They will start the first coat of primer today!  We actually have a door instead of a tarp over the opening to our bedroom.  The marble is nearly all in except for a border.  Backsplash is in and BEAUTIFUL.  The mirrors are ordered and won't.....

(Geez...The Hubby is on a tear this morning...going to have a busy day I guess.  I told him he sounded like a hysterical woman!  It's too early to lose it!  TeeHee...)

back to it...mirrors are ordered, waiting for paint to be done and then plumbing and we will have a finished, working bathroom!!!!!  I would have pictures of stuff but right now it is all covered with paper as they get ready to paint!

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