Thursday, August 05, 2010

What Life Throws At You

Yesterday was Daddy's 75th birthday.  Happy Birthday Daddy!  He had his sisters and some of the nieces over for dinner to celebrate.  One of his sis's was born on his birthday 10 years after he was born so they share the day.  I sent him a beautiful flower arrangement for his guests and table since I was not able to be there.  I spent the day at the Cancer Treatment Center waiting with my best friends daughter.  My BFF was have a complete hysterectomy from the cervical cancer.  Poor thing was just terrified.  It was a 3-1/2 hour surgery as she had so much scaring from the radiation but they think everything is gone.  I finally had to leave for an appointment while she was still in recovery.  I will go today and check on her. 

Tuesday night we had company for dinner, the company that we tried to have for dinner last week but the calendars would just not come together.  It was a wonderful evening of visiting and food and just relaxation.  I love it when people come to my home and feel comfortable enough to put their feet up in the chair.  That tells me our home is comfortable and the guests feel at home.  My goal is met!  Before the guests arrived The Hubby and I had a quick, serious conversation about work and his stress lately.  He's just got to stop being such a worry-wart.  Since we have been in business, 31 years now, he takes things so hard that the stress starts working its mojo on him.  He doesn't sleep, eat or even smile and that is just not healthy.  Work is just fine but it is really kind of weird.  We have been through many years of ups and downs and really it's not even down but I guess watching the news and seeing the weirdness is taking it's toll on him.  I told him that everything is fine and to quit it as the frown he is carrying around is going to stick and I didn't want to live with that.  On Monday the RHOK girls writing prompt was about qualities in a friend and I think I have been tested on all fronts here.  My BFF and her surgery and life scare and The BFF Hubby and his stress stuff.  He told me he loved me and knew I loved him and that I was his best friend and knew that I was his rock and support.  I've had to pull it together to be there for my "friends".  It is what life throws at you and you have to be strong and love your BFF's tremendously.  Life rocks on!

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Yogi♪♪♪ said...

You are a good friend to both your friend and husband.

I have no idea what it would be like to be in business for myself. I think that I would worry all the time.