Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Weekend

What a beautiful weekend.  Clayton surely loved laying out in the sun and soaking up the rays.  He was waiting for The Hubby to take him for his golf cart ride and a run in the meadow. 

Me, well I just lounged around in my hammock all day long reading.  I finished a book and started to finish another one I had started.

We, the community, are in the process of repairing the levee and so they had to drain the lake.  Sad really but it will fill up when we close up the sluice gate soon.

Even though the gate is open and the lake has pretty much drained there are still two springs that have rushing water running through.  It's kind of cool.
Sluice Gate

Pretty flowers...

The Hubby also smoked some ribs for dinner...yummy!

Fishing.  The Hubby caught this one Saturday morning early.  He did release it though.  What a beauty.


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Looks like a nice weekend.

Janie B said...

Ya gotta love a nice, relaxing weekend!

carma said...

I'm liking that sitting on the hammock relaxing idea -- my son asked me this morning why I never sit back and relax :) Man, that is a huge fish!!!

Anonymous said...

That is one beautiful fish. I am happy it was released.