Monday, August 02, 2010

McLinky Monday - Friends

McLinky Monday with the RHOK girls...

Awww, a subject I've written on several times since I started my blog in 2006...What are the top 5 qualities that are most important in your friendships?

  • A friend that is there for me, supportive.  I am there for my friends and expect it from them.  To be there in good and bad, happy or sad, there for the duration.
  • A friend that is a good listener.  A friend is one who listens to all of my joys and sorrows and does not judge.  I think that is the one quality that I am best at and draws people to me. 
  • A friend is honest.  I want someone to tell me if I'm being stupid.  Be honest with me please and I will return the favor. 
  • Tolerance & Respect (counts as 2)  Now that honesty has been said, there is also tolerance and respect that you have for your friends.  No two people can have the same ideals and beliefs, EXACTLY...You have to respect a person. 
Technically that is five.

I've written here before about the need of a friend that thinks of me first sometimes.  A person that wants to drop in and have a cup of coffee at a moments notice.  A friend that wants to go shopping, to a movie, or just have a weekend at the lake reading all day long without a word spoken, but enjoying the companionship.  I envy some friendships where not a day goes by where they don't talk.  I had that kind of friendship with my mother and my friend Gail.  I've kind of lost that but I still have loads and loads of friendships.  They are different but that is okay, it is what makes life so wonderful, having all kinds of people enriching your life.  Hmmm, makes the world go 'round.


♥Georgie♥ said...

I like you have a variety of friendships, and as i have gotten older i value and treasure them even more...really enjoyed this post!

Dawn said...

Thank you for linking up today!

I love the first two especially. Being a good listener is HUGE!!! Some women think it is all about them.

And, being supportive is so important. I have some friends that are great encouragers and I love that about them.

I pray that you find that one special friend that you connect with on a daily basis. She is out there. I'm certain of it!

~Mrs. A

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Seems we value a lot of the same qualities! Yeah a lot of my friends I don't get to talk to daily -except for my husband-I know cheesy ;)