Monday, August 09, 2010

Friendship Quilt

You know the girls at RHOK are doing their usual McLinky Monday question and today is about back to school time and whether you are happy or sad or even ready.  I can't really apply now as my kiddos are (almost) 31 and 25 but I do remember those feelings and I can say it was a joyous day.  I was usually exhausted by all the stuff they did during the summer.  I looked at it as a rest, until the school stuff started then I would be ready for summer again.  Anyway, my contribution to this is a bit off the mark but I will say that my Granny met Grandaddy when he was her  bus driver!  Yes, but really back in 1934 it really didn't matter because high school boys drove buses and he was in her class.  He really didn't meet her on the bus but he was her bus driver!  Now on to some nice memories...

At the cabin, laid across the log stair railing is this quilt.  It was given to me by my cousin in a box of stuff.  I quickly realized it was Greatgranny's by this little poem.  I think cousin gave it to me because each panel is signed by family members of Greatgranny and friends.  Some of the signatures are her daughter Cleo's, my Granny's inlaws.  1934 is when Granny and Granddaddy were married.  Since they all lived in a small area in Arkansas, Rudy, to be exact, they all knew each other.  This is really cool but I had forgotten about the poem here.  I have typed it out so as not to lose it as it is very old and faded.  It is actually not sewn but written with a marking pen of some sort and is slowly going away.  The second line I can't make out.  I love this truly.  To know my Greatgranny, Granny and various relatives have actually touched it is special.

My friendship quilt is finished
And carefully laid _______
I prize it very highly
For the message it has to say.

It speaks to me so softly
Each time I look its way
Oh loving hands and hearts true
That grow deeper day by day.

My friendship quilt is finished
And each night when I pray
I thank God for my loyal friends
That he has sent my way.

Maggie Broyles Wofford


ThatsBaloney said...

That quilt is amazing! What a gift.

Unknown said...

The story of how they met...priceless and that quilt what a treasure!

Dawn said...

I agree with the others, that is an incredible gift you've been given in that quilt. Amazing!!!

Real Housewives of Oklahoma said...

Precious. Just precious!

Thank you so much for sharing with us. Now I'm all warm and fuzzy inside.

Mom Mayhem says: said...

How cool that he was her bus -driver and he was in her class. I met a few boys myself from the bus ;)
And what a precious gift that quilt is indeed.

Char said...

what a beautiful treasure

Website said...

Really amazing quilt. I hearty appreciate the idea of creating such a wonderful quilt.Thank you for sharing such a creative idea. It is an incredible gift for anyone. It is the most priceless gift. I hope i have such a quilt with me.

Thank You