Friday, August 27, 2010


It has been a real struggle to write the past couple of days.  This everyday thing is definitely a challenge for me.  I've been very behind in reading my bloggy friends posts too.  Sorry everyone, hopefully I'll catch up this weekend.  It should be beautiful and I have not much to do.  I've been heavily into the book I'm reading on my Kindle, "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" and can't wait to finish it  It's not a hard read except for the foreign names of people and places but the end of it is pretty good.  I usually do a lot more reading in the summer but it's been rather slow too, along with the painting stuff.  I did paint a bit yesterday and then I hit Coldwater Creek and did damage to my credit card.  I HAVE to empty my closet a bit.  Hopefully on Sunday I'll get started on that. This week I was successful in getting a full week in of exercise, can't say that for the food, but exercise, yes.  I've had a sinus headache thing going on all week, except for today.  Also, have a tooth that is questionable so doesn't help the headache thing.    See I have a bit to say but it is a ramble.  Just what is flying around in my noggin.  Don't forget to check out the painting blog on the right.  I've started a couple more projects.  Later gators!

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Char said...

sorry that you're struggling - sometimes it's just better to relax if you can. i understand about the tooth pain this week for sure. sometimes it's caused by the sinus headach - hope it's better soon.