Sunday, March 21, 2010

First Day of Spring my **^**$#%%

Okay, Mother Nature, I've just about had it with you.  Snow on the first day of spring, that is quite enough.  The only good thing that happened for me is a day of painting.  Even though I worked on four paintings I didn't finish a one of them and I don't feel I accomplished anything, really I did but.  I think today I will paint again and that is a good thing but I really like sunshine.  When summer comes I'm going to kick someone's ass if I hear them complain about the heat of the summer.  I'm so ready to be warmed by the sun I can't stand it.  I'm just angry at this point, no more depression, just anger!

Poor little Clayton is sick yet again.  Friday evening a little after 5 I was preparing to have company for dinner when I noticed his little manhood and some inflammation and pus again.  Oh my goodness.  I called the vet and asked for some more antibiotics and they told me that if this did not clear up with this round that we need to x-ray him for kidney stones!  Egads!  That really worries me about him.  Poor little guy.  This snow doesn't help that he DOES NOT want to go out to relieve himself.  We have to force him.  He seems to feel better today but we will see. 

Now on to a more pressing subject.  This week it is time to change my age again, cover the gray.  I have been thinking of doing something different, but still hiding the gray.  I have been a blond all my life but I'm having a yearning to go dark.  Don't know why except that I am very bored with the blond.  I'm toying with the idea of darker shades but I also know that the problem with that is the gray will come back sooner and I am a total gray headed gal.  I will not "go gray" for a good many years so I plan on having fun with this stuff but I'm torn.  I usually don't mind playing with this but it will be a drastic change if I attempt it.  We'll just have to see if I'm brave enough to attempt. 

wait a minute......................................................I hear The Hubby yelling at me from the shower...............

Well, we are out of Dove soap and he is not happy.  He takes a shower at the shop every morning, never here and I use ladies body soap so I forgot to replenish his addiction for Dove soap.  I'm a bad wife.  At least that is what I feel like when I fall down on the "job" and forget to keep him happy.  Tuesday when he went to fix his usual oatmeal for breakfast he realized that the cupboard was bare of oatmeal.  He was not happy.  He gets all bent out of shape when the milk is gone too but I don't drink the stuff so I don't keep up with it much.  I'm just a bad wife I guess.  Hey, why should I feel this way.  I'm not his mother.  He's quite capable of caring for himself, uh wait, he could do without me...better watch out.   LOL, really, I don't mind much.  I'm lying, I do mind.  When I said wedding vows I did not say that I would keep the pantry stocked, the Dove soap in the shower and keep the toilet roll in the right position.  I did not say I would do laundry or iron, and I don't.  I gave that job up many years ago.  I do my own laundry and ironing and I'm not very good at that either.  Let's face it, my sister used to call me "Little Miss Suzy-Homemaker" but it was a ruse.  I can do it and pretty well, but it is not really me.  I hate it.  I hate laundry, I hate doing dishes, I hate cleaning house and making beds.  I do like cooking, most of the time.  I am not "Little Miss Suzy-Homemaker", I'm me who has an independant life, or least as independant as I can get it being married for 34 years.  LOL!  I think I've been rebelling for most of our 34 years of marriage.  I was a good mother and wife along with working WITH The Hubby and going to school and just all of it.  I really want to do what I want to do now and that does not include keeping Dove soap and oatmeal at the ready.  It has just evolved to be my "job".  Oh God, I'm on a tail spin of complaining about stuff that is just not important.  What is important is I love.  I love The Hubby.  I love my home.  I love my kids.  I love my life.  I love my family. 


Brit Gal Sarah said...

Oh dear I do hope Clayton feels better soon, I hate it when pets get sick.

As for the weather, I'm right with you at this point! And hair colour, I say go for it. I have gone about 3 shades darker and much prefer it.

Kathryn Magendie said...

Poor little puppy! hope he's better soon.

I love Dove soap - it's almost a character itself in my novels.

Tell Hubby you love being his wife, but ain't so much on the momma stuff *laugh*

Janie B said...

It's okay to complain once in a while, and you are right...he can take care of himself. Although most of the time, you probably love doing things like that for him. He should cut you some slack, though.

Hope Clayton is okay. Poor baby.

We got 12 inches of snow this weekend. What???? Spring? Not hardly.

Janie B said...

By the way... I love the look of your blog right now. The colors are great and the regular type is easier for old eyes like mine to read. Nice job.

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Ugh -I know -Snow on the 1st day of Spring! Hope your doggie feels better and everything!