Friday, March 26, 2010

Think I'm Back

I had a glitch in my blogging but I think I'm back.  If I offend anyone in any way I'm sorry, but that is just how I roll.  I say what I wish to say and be damned with what you may think of me.  I am an honest person who choses to speak her mind but I will for now on be careful about who I talk about, again on this blog.  Really it is kind of crappy but I will try, at least.  Now on to a topic that hopefully I will be able to link to the Oklahoma Bloggers Club successfully.

Small Town, Saturday Night

I grew up in a small town in Oklahoma, Broken Arrow.  In 2010, this is not a small town anymore but in my day and in my parents day it was very small town.  We walked all over town without the fear there is today of even stepping out the front door.  It was an awesome place to grow up and I will never forget the quaintness it once held.  It is a big city now, at least in my eyes and doesn't hold the allure that it once had.  I grew up on Main Street and my father still lives in the house.  In fact, my mother moved there when she was in high school and when we three kids were young my parents bought the house from Granny and Granddaddy.  In good ole' BA there was not a lot to do on a Saturday night, at least for me.  I didn't run with popular crowds that went to parties or even to Tulsa to drag Peoria but we did drag Main.  I was lucky because I didn't even have to have a car to be in the hot spot of the town.  I would sit on my front step and wave at some who passed and yearn for the popular guys to notice me sitting there and stop by, it never happened.  If I was in the car, my friends and I would drive down Main from north to south to where the old bowling alley was (it is now the board of ed) and then turn in the parking lot and go south to north till we had to turn west.  The next turn was the Tastee-Freeze for the next turnaround and then the process would start over and over.  We would spend hours driving with occasional  stops at the local Git-N-Go, Tastee-Freeze, Ken's Pizza or even a taco at the local taco restaurant and to visit with other draggers.  If you were lucky a date might be on the agenda for the evening.  That would usually mean a trip to the big town of Tulsa which had a movie or maybe dinner in the offering.  Most usually I spent my Saturday nights either on the front stoop or watching TV with the family and playing solitaire.  My life was pretty quiet.  I have to say again that this my experience and others had much different experiences.  Mine was low key because I was a low key kind of gal.  I loved it and would not trade it for nothing, even though I was a bit lonely. 

(Linked this to The Prarie Maid.  I'm not sure if this is right but I'm trying.)

Check out the new do...I'm a brunette...never have been and I LOVE it!


Beth said...

Hopped over from the Okie Blog Hop. Nice to meet you and enjoyed reading your memories of growing up in Broken Arrow.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Nice do.

Janie B said...

Brown hair works for you! Like it!

Flea said...

Oo! I Like the color!

BA is growing like crazy, isn't it? I know I've only been here three years, but when I lived here 20 years ago, near the river, BA was SO FAR AWAY. Heck, even where I am now, at 91st and Memorial, seemed like the country. I love this town, though. Still so much more quiet and small town than Orlando and DC.

Prairiemaid said...

First, love your brown hair! But, I haven't anything to compare with...still looking good!

I think many of us share more common ground than we realize when it comes to small town Saturday nights. However, in Ada, main street runs from East to West, instead of N to S. And since we are much farther away from the "big city" we stopped for cokes at places like Al's, the Huddle, etc. We did have a Ken's Pizza though! I miss Ken's Pizza.

Thanks for taking part in this new adventure.

Have a great week!

Dishin And Dishes said...

Oh I so remember sitting on the front steps waiting for guys to drive funny! My mom used to say "why are you sitting out there?"

carma said...

brunette suits you well!