Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Forwarding some info

I am forwarding this info from the oldest in her latest fun endeavor:

Greetings Family & Friends! I write you today to give you a little update and some news! As you know, I love to create things, have fun in life and stay connected within my community! As a result of this, and as a result of me thinking I don't already have enough to do, I've embarked upon the world of producing an arts and crafts show this summer! That's right, I must be insane! ;)

While the OKC area has multiple enjoyable and successful handmade fairs a year, Tulsa has only a couple, which are wonderful shows yet, I yearn for something more! Instead of waiting for more shows like this to pop up, I decided to take one on myself!

The show is being hosted by SheezKrafty, mine and April's jewelry business, and is called The Alliday Show! Our belief is that everyday should be celebrated as a holiday, as all days are special days, and that if you're going to shop, you should do it handmade! We are holding our fair at the Tulsa Fairgrounds in the Ford Truck Exhibit Hall on Saturday, June 26th from 9-5. This event will be FREE to the public and quite affordable for the artists as well! This will not be your typical potpourri and wreath fair but rather, offbeat, hip and an event not to be missed! I only anticipate that this event will grow and will become a permanent fixture in Tulsa!

So, why do I tell you all of this in a rambling e-mail? Well, for one, to spread the word! And two, to ask for your support! Perhaps you have a friend who has been wanting to give a show a try - let them know that they can apply now! Or perhaps you've been wanting to plan a shopping day with your loved ones - put this on your calendar for one-of-a-kind finds! Please feel free to spread the word by telling your friends and family, forwarding this e-mail, tweeting, status-updating, blogging or whatever it is you do!

Links can be found within the text above or right here:
The Alliday Show - http://www.allidayeveryday.com/
The Alliday Show Blog - http://www.allidayeveryday.blogspot.com/
The Alliday Show Facebook Page - www.facebook.com/allidayeveryday
SheezKrafty Etsy - http://www.sheezkrafty.etsy.com/
SheezKrafty Facebook Page - www.facebook.com/sheezkrafty

Goodness, lots of links! Please know that we appreciate your support over the years and can't wait for many more! Thank YOU for believing in us and in our new endeavor!

Cheers! B

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Anonymous said...

Sadly I live too far away to support, but I wish you all the best!!! Good Luck!!