Wednesday, July 09, 2008


What a relief it is to have my guy finally home, safe and under MY care. When we arrived home he was so very happy but very unsteady on his feet. His friend Kelly helped get him home and was here for a few hours while he took his shower and shaved. Then just as Kelly was going to leave to get some lunch the doorbell rang and a friend brought BBQ to eat. Good. He didn't eat a lot but at least he is able to eat. Now it is almost 2 pm and he is down for a nap and I'm trying to also but the various cell phones and house phone keeps ringing. Friends are bringing dinner tonight and tomorrow night and others are dropping in to see him tonight. I'm very relieved he is home and now it is hitting me and I'm getting emotional that it is over and he is safe and sound. That was a very, very close call and I don't EVER want to go through it again.

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Anonymous said...

So glad he is home. Very good news.
*West Coastie*