Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday - half/day

I went into the office for about 3 hours this morning, just long enough to do a couple of paychecks - early - because one of our guys is a fireman and only works for us part time. Tomorrow will be the rest of the payroll. We had a lighting rep take The Hubby and myself for lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant, El Rio Verde, wet burrito with steak YUM!!! Also found out that our son-in-law will be named 1st year apprentice of the year at the school we send him to. He doesn't know yet but will be announced on Tuesday at a banquet. Pretty exciting.

I haven't been able to exercise but about 6 times since The Hubby's accident and my stress related skin irritations and so I've been kind of worried that I might start plumping up a bit but I've really been trying to watch it with Slim Fast for breakfast and dinner supplemented with fruit. I think it is working because my wedding ring and my ruby ring I wear on my right hand just spin around and yesterday I washed my hands and when I shook the excess water my wedding ring fell off in the floor! I guess I am going to have to have a temporary sizer put on it so I can wear it until I lose all I'm going to lose. It's a really good feeling and when I try on clothes in my closet I haven't had on in awhile because they were too tight I find out they are too big! That is a great surprise.

My "friend" finally called last week to see if I wanted a Then we chatted about her kids and I interjected that my husband was doing really well. Then I called her on Tuesday to see if her daughter that lives in California was okay since the earthquake along with a quick my daughter is okay. That was left on her voice mail and then finally yesterday afternoon I hear from her back. Her husband called last week sometime or wait maybe Monday and invited us to meet them for drinks and appetizers at the Summit Club tonight. So I have to go digging in my closet to find SOMETHING to wear that will be appropriate. That may be a task.

Right now I'm taking advantage of my half/day to blog, watch my soaps and maybe nap a little.

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