Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Lot of Healing to go.

He has a lot of healing to go. Last night was a rough night as his legs were very fidgety and he just couldn't get them to stop. He tried to sleep on the couch for awhile and finally came to bed after about an hour but it was still rough for him. I made sure we got to sleep in for a bit but he was still up at 6:30 this morning. I got up and he was in the living room trying to choke down his usual oatmeal but he was having a hard time. Finally, it had to go down the garbage disposal.

We had our showers and then he asked where his keys were. Uh oh. Then I set the ground rules. I told him he could go into the office but not job sites or meetings at all. He stuck to the plan all day long. While he was at the office I went and picked up his glasses that were broken in the blast from the repair place. That was awful for B as she was the one who found them in the field the next day.

We spent the whole day at the office but I insisted he go home about 3:30 as he was looking pretty tired. Home, I told him I would fix some potato soup and he thought it sounded good but he specified very little salt. The poor guys tongue, mouth, throat and lips are burned so it is so hard for him to eat. On top of that I think his taste buds are burned so he can't taste but he can sure hurt. His appetite is gone and he's staying a little queasy. I feel so bad for him and feel that I can't do anything for him to help. He's also so weak and tired from not sleeping even though he spent three days on a ventilator, asleep.

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