Saturday, August 16, 2014


I guess I need to give an Daddy update on his surgery.  He indeed had the hip surgery on Tuesday.  Brother picked him up and brought him to the hospital at 1:30 with the surgery scheduled for 3:30.  He had not eaten since his dinner the night before so he was definitely hungry.  Brother and I waited with Daddy, and waited, and waited.  Finally, at about 4:30 they came for him to put him in yet another holding place for surgery, probably another hour.  We scooted out for a bite of dinner and The Hubby met us.  While gone Sis showed up at the hospital (we were shocked).  I brought her back a burger and then we waited and waited.  Brother's wife and their daughter showed up to join in the fun we were having.  Finally about 8:30 we got the call that all went well.  They only had to take out the ball and some parts and with 6 weeks of IV antibiotics he was good.  Everyone left after that except for Brother and I as we waited for him to get to a room about an hour later.  Once he was all settled in we headed for home and a good nights rest.  Back there early the next morning I walked in on Dr. Hippy's assistant talking to Daddy while he was sitting up in his chair eating his breakfast.  He looked great.  Actually, he was talking about Daddy going home!  WHAT!  I think he meant home to skilled nursing care because they wanted the IV thing.  Brother showed a few minutes after the doctor left and he stayed all day long.  I had to get to work for a bit.  The next morning he was even better.  Brother made it before me this time and he said that the infectious doctor and Daddy got into it about doing the IV and Daddy said "NO! Absolutely no IV!" I think he thought or knew that he could go home, his actual home if he was not on the IV but taking pills.  He got his way.  The next day they determined that his blood was low something, something, something...anyway, a blood transfusion was probably going to happen.  They did it last night, 2 units and then this morning they took blood (first they givith then they takith away) to determine how his levels are doing.  I went to see him and he is so ready to go home.  He's doing everything for himself but I think the blood thing is concerning.  They are worried he is bleeding inside somewhere.  This is back to where we originally started in trying to get a colonoscopy to see if he is bleeding inside somewhere or his bladder.  Good grief.  I think he is a bit afraid they might find something and it could be the reason he has lost 60 pounds.  Me too.

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