Sunday, August 24, 2014

Moving On Up

 Another week down and another busy week.  I'm bushed really and still it will continue.

B&B2 have purchased a new home.  This picture is from their first home several years ago but with a few years of marriage and accumulation of STUFF and little Rio added to their family of one dog, Mondo and three cats, Vera, Sammie, and Opal they are bursting at the seams.  
One day about a month ago B was at an estate sale, the kind of stuff she has a passion for that she inherited from her father.  While inside she found out the house was for sale too and how much.  As she was checking out the place and falling in love with it her cell phone rang and it was The Hubby telling her she needed to come by this estate sale that the house was right up her alley.  Lo and behold they were both there at the same time.  Well, a month or so later B&B2 BOUGHT the house.  It's much bigger with space for her side business and a great yard for Mondo and Rio to play in, and it's a bit closer to us!
This sweet 90 year old guy was the seller.  He was an original owner and they were thrilled to meet him and carry on the tradition of raising their family there.  It has been a process for B to learn about, "FOR SALE BY OWNER."  So now comes the part of new floors, paint, moving in...the list is endless but it is the next step in their lives as a family.  I'm very happy and proud for them.  Another good thing is that they sold the house they have called home since they were married in 2007.  We have a friend who is a realtor who had a client looking for a house in their neighborhood and wanted to bring them buy to look at B&B2's house.  They loved it and wanted to put a contract on it.  SOLD!  The luck they have had is amazing really.   

Now the California girl is on the hunt for them some new digs too.  Good luck my dear and you will definitely find something, I promise.  

Love my girls and "son's" and sweet Rio.


Linda Kay said...

What a lovely series of events, so all must be "meant to be".

Beryl said...

What a great coincidence that they both found their next house at the same time. Serendipitous!