Sunday, August 03, 2014

Life Goes On...I Think

It's a BEAUTIFUL Sunday morning here and I saw it start as I was up before the sun made its appearance.  I told The Hubby Friday that I thought our front yard was stunning.  Don't you think.  With all this rain and nice temperatures it hasn't had time to get yucky.  Unfortunately, my tomato plants are awful.  Hardly any tomatoes now and I'm not sure if it's too much rain or in need of fertilizer.  

I guess I will update on Daddy now.  He is home thank goodness and quite happy to be so.  I figured they would send him home after the bleeding stopped.  I went early Friday morning to sit with him until the doctor came but by 10:45 it was still a now show so I told him I was going to lunch with The Hubby and to the office for a bit then back to his house to feed his outside kitty and then back to the hospital.  Well, best laid plans.  Lunch yes I got and then to the office to try and do some invoicing but no sooner than I got there and kissed the granddaughter than my phone rang.  It was the doctor dismissing him so back on the road I went to take him home.  My plan was to go back to work but no.  I got there, loaded him up and off to his house.  On arrival he immediately went outside to feed his sweet kitty and then Sister arrived.  I have not seen her for awhile and while Daddy went inside to sit in his chair a bit we stayed on the back patio to chat.  Boy, did I get an update on her daughter, my niece, the thief.  Not good, not good.  That child.  I feel sorry for Sis.  I told her she may have to do the tough love of changing the locks and kicking the kid (21 years old now) to the curb.  She's had tickets, numerous with fines she can't pay off because of no job and no driver's license from said tickets/fines.  I asked why she can't seem to keep a job and was told because she steals.  Good Grief!  Of course, I knew that from the infamous Thanksgiving gathering where my mother-in-law surprisingly lost money from her purse.  She said they were going to the lake and I asked if niece went too but she said no.  Then what do you do to keep her from stealing from you.  Her reply, "We have locks on the bedroom doors." That is horrible.  She said that she pays $50 a month on the fines and I asked how does she pay the fines if she can't keep a job.  I kind of just got a look that told me Sis pays them.  KICK THE GIRL OUT!!!!!  Tough Love, I told Sis.  There was a lot more to this conversation but I will spare you.  

Back to Daddy.  When I picked him up the hospital staff told me they made an appointment for a urologist and a cystology test where a camera is put up in .....YUCK, to see if anything is going on.  So that appointment is Wednesday.  They also made a follow up appointment with the heart doctor, 2 days after his scheduled hip surgery so back to the phone and I rescheduled that appointment for this Friday.  Oh My Gosh!  I'm so tired of doctors visits and they're not even mine!  This week is full and then we move to next week and hip surgery.  That reminds me a packet came in the mail at his house for the hip surgery and I am very sure there is a date for labs to be done.  GOOD GRIEF!  I will have to go to his house and find out when those are and hope they don't interfere with any other doctor visits.  

With all of this he has this cat outside that is just barely on the good side of tame and not wild.  She/he needs to be spade or neutered and given shots.  He was planning on doing it but when.  The sooner all of this is done the better as I think he will be in rehab for at least 6 weeks, not home.  Dang, so I will call his vet and see what we can do about this little dilemma.  I may have to have him get her in the crate (he can do this, she lets him) and take her/him to the vet and do the deed and see if she can stay there to heal, tame a bit and then I can let her out at home.  I of course will probably will pay for this.  She gives him such comfort and he already loves her.  He wants to be able to bring her inside for good.  

My week is very full as will be next week.  The only bright spot is art on Tuesday's and dinner with friends on next Wednesday.  Do you think my blood pressure is having a time lately.


Linda Kay said...

Bless you for being there for your dad. We went to a restaurant for lunch today, and there was a fellow there with his aged father. He looked to be suffering from extreme alzheimers. The son fed him, wiped his mouth for him, and generally watched over him. I walked by him and said "God Bless You". It was a Sunday inspiration for sure. Hang in there!

Sweet Tea said...

I understand.