Monday, August 18, 2014

Refrigerator Blues

Did I tell you that our refrigerator or icebox (from my youth) has been on the fritz since the middle of June!  Our 8 year old $4000 Frigidaire computer mother board went out.  

For a month I kept telling The Hubby that the dang thing was making a sound and the motor was whirring, loudly but of course, he who has horrid hearing heard NOTHING!  Then one day he finally heard something and called the place we bought it from (a MONTH after I first noticed a problem.)  Just FYI, our ice maker (same maker) also went out and when the repairman came we were told it was toast.  The repairman said the fridge needed a new motherboard so he ordered it.  That was the end of June, just before Afton and Nick were to come for 2 weeks.  Great.  The thing was working sort of for a bit but finally pooped out and so we quickly unloaded umpteen jars of pickles, mayo and mustard and shuffled it all to the tiny fridge in the garage (for overage of beer and water).  We also utilized the wine cooler and The Hubby found a college dorm fridge that we had in storage from when the girls went to school.  That one is now sitting on my dining room table and is worthless.  The motor takes up most of the space needed.  

Where the ice maker was sitting The Hubby pulled it out and chunked it.  What a waste.  We also had a wine cooler in the new bathroom suite we added on but it was turned off because it kept me awake and we DIDN'T need it.  The Hubby just thought it was a great idea.  Anyway, he moved it to the ice maker space and it fit perfectly.  So that is used too.  

Back to the timeline.  It has been since JUNE that we have been without a fridge.  Today, August 18 we got the call that the backordered part was in.  The guy was there in 15 minutes and had it installed in 10 minutes.  Another tidbit is that after a very long wait for the dang part The Hubby priced a replacement refrigerator just like what we had because it has fronts that match our cabinets. The replacement has gone up in price a bit...$6500.  Nope, we wait.  Today our wait ended but we still have to wait about 3 days to make sure it holds.  Good grief!


Linda Kay said...

We had to buy some new appliances for our kitchen recently, and I was amazed at the price. Good luck with the repair!

Greatfull Dazee said...

Goodness! That is a long time to wait for a part! Glad you managed with the other ones. We also have a over flow fridge in the garage. The hubs keeps it full of beer, pop and water. During the holidays I fight for space for the extra dishes of food. But it sure is handy. I hope it stays working!