Thursday, August 29, 2013

Let The Ramble Begin

I've hit that place again where I just don't have much to say, but really, I think it's not enough time on my hands to sit and place thoughts here.  So let the ramble flow I say and we'll see what happens.

This week I've been plagued with a bit of the allergy thing, waking up with an intense headache this morning.  I finally got rid of it just a bit ago with a strong bit of coffee and just moving around.  It also meant that I didn't work out this morning.  My bad!  I didn't work out on Tuesday either as I had to have my car at the dealership early for a recall notice, oil change and stuff.  Oh well, I will be back at it on Tuesday after a weekend of fun at the cabin.  

I've also been grandchild sitting this week as Bri started teaching again.  So on Monday's and Wednesday's I am watching Rio at the office for a good bit of the day.  I was a bit apprehensive about  it because she is still sort of breastfeeding but we had absolutely no issues this week.  She played all morning long, we giggled, laughed and danced then it was a nice lunch and the eye-rub then I knew it was time.  I picked her up, turned on her sound machine, pacifier in place a few pats on her back and she went out like a light.  What was nice was that she slept 2-1/2 hours on Monday and 2 hours on Wednesday, and she's sleeping about 12 hours a night.  I think she has finally got it but it's also that her two front teeth are finally in.  She has four on the bottom and two on the top so far.  
 She is certainly a fabulous eater.  Cottage cheese being her favorite but at the office yesterday I also fed her fresh figs from my garden which she loves every time she eats them!
 Last Thursday night we enjoyed a fun night celebrating The Hubby's birthday and Rio chowed down on avocado from a veggie roll!
See, the office is perfect for the little munchkin.   

My recent haul from the garden.  Sadly, I'm only harvesting cucumbers, figs and grape tomatoes this year.  Next year I am going to have a killer garden.  This year I just kind of threw stuff in the ground.  Fall, I will start adding some mulch and composted manure to enhance it for the coming season.  I really want to work it without the damn mosquitoes eating me alive the minute I walk out the door.   

I'm home for the day and am going to enjoy every minute of it.  I have got to get my head around my art show that is fast approaching.  I think I've got stuff ready but I want to paint some new stuff.  There are a few shows in the next couple of months but I'm not sure I have it in me right now.  Too much chaos in my head and around me and I will stop doing everything and just sit back and look a the mess.  It will overwhelm me so I have to be cautious.  We are about to begin the new building too so I know that will take up a lot of my mind and thoughts too.  The good thing about all that stuff is that I will get an art studio out of it sooner than later!

Oh gosh, as I sit here in my nice quiet house, ready to be creative and paint I hear sounds, not good sounds.  Rats!  I forgot the concrete guy is here to grout the lines in the new patio, finally!  That means a LOT of noise out there.  I will have to turn up the music to find my peace and serenity.  I'm also home today as I'm a bit nervous as the neighbors one street over had a burglary at noon two days ago!  That scares me for sure.  Luckily we are in and out so much here at home that no burglar can predict when we will be around and I do have neighbors that are home a lot but still!!!  


Beryl said...

Glad your Summer is so full of fun stuff! Sorry about the burglary in the neighborhood.

Kay said...

Rio is absolutely adorable. It's great that she's not a picky eater. I am in admiration of your garden harvest. Wow!

Lots of robberies going on over here too.