Sunday, August 04, 2013

Happy Birthday Daddy

This past weekend I thought the best birthday present to give my Daddy was to take him to the cabin for the weekend!  I emailed him and he replied back in all caps, YEAH!  Today is his 78th birthday and he had the best birthday ever.  We had people over on Saturday night for The Hubby's brisket and he was overjoyed to get to mingle.  Saturday morning The Hubby took him fishing and look what they caught.  Look at that fabulous smile on his face.  He was so happy.
Oh and The Hubby was pretty happy too.  Unfortunately someone who helped them didn't tie the stringer very well and the fish were lost.  RATS!


Kay said...

Happy Birthday to your dad. What a huge fish!!! said...

oh that daddy of yours has caught a big one. Yikes. What a happy Smile day for your Dad.

look at your darling hubby.

That is worth a smile also.

Happpy Fishing guys!