Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Moon - Doggie

It's Wednesday morning, and thought I would share a pic of our little guy.  Sweet Clayton is finally feeling better.  For the past two weeks he has battled yet another urinary tract infection and a nasty infection on one of the pads on his back leg.  He had some kind of injury, the foot was swollen and he was just not eating or feeling well at all.  Thankfully the vet gave him an antibiotic for the UTI and it worked for the foot too.  He's back to his usual sweet and happy disposition.  
That being said he got me up at about 3:30 this morning trying to puke in bed!!!!  Eek!  I jumped up and put him down on the wood floor which I knew I could clean much easier than my sheets.  The poor guy does this a lot so it's not unusual.  Since the day we got him he has had these bouts.  Just has a sensitive tummy. 

So, since I was up and awake I ended up going ahead and getting up and ready for workout.  I thought I would do some blogging and check emails...blah, blah, blah.  That didn't work out as our Internet was still down from last night.  Well, off to workout early then.  The moon was just beautiful. 
So as you can see that I am posting that the Internet is back up and running.  I plan on staying home most of the day today to paint.  This evening I'm watching Rio while her momma and daddy to the movies and dinner.  She is so much fun and almost walking!  My house will not be the same for awhile.  

Ohhhhh, and the scale FINALLY moved...I'm down 18 pounds!

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Happy your sweet Clayton is feeling better. Poor baby.

Have a nice Wed.

Great beautiful morning here have wash outside and it is a real nice breeze.