Friday, June 21, 2013

Diet - Yes or No

This picture was taken about 1974 when I was probably at the smallest in my life.  I also didn't eat much which was not healthy but it was the only way I was tiny.  I did sit-ups, 100, every night to keep the tummy flat and the waist small.  I was 36-26-36 roughly.  Sometimes I yearn for those years but you know what, life does happen.  You marry, you have children and it just happens.  After each child I did lose the weight but after awhile I think I just gave up and let it go.  You can play the blame game and give all kinds of excused of why this all happened but plain and simple, I got fat and I have to fix it!

When young, my brother and sister and I played outside all day long.  We rode our bicycles around the neighborhood constantly, around and around the block.  We played softball in our backyard with the neighbor kids running and running.  And we walked everywhere.  Exercise was a constant in my life at that time.
Now I am faced with this spread that is dominating my life.  I have exercised for years with Jazzercise and now with my trainer but I've just stopped loosing the weight.  My body has grown to a size that it feels comfortable with but it is starting to take a toll.  My knees are not happy lifting an over 200 pound body.  My feet complain constantly, but I ignore.  My lower back is tired of holding the tummy that wants to hang out front. And now my blood pressure is an issue.  I have a physical every single year and everything has been just perfect, everything, but since the knee incident my BP has slowly crept up.  Dr. L has decided that enough is enough and put me on meds.  This is now where I say enough is enough.  I have played around with different diets and just half-ass go through the motions but this time is different.  Several of my friends have started the Jorge Cruise100, no flour-no sugar, sort of like the Dr. Gott that used to be in the newspaper.  It is the first diet that I have found lately that makes more sense to me.  I have been a lifetime Weight Watcher but the new point-system is too much for me.  I liked it the old-fashioned way and was successful at it.  Anyway, I have a support system in place with my friends and I've told The Hubby he would be doing the lunch and dinner with me. He's very on board, thank goodness.  It is time I really get serious and maybe I will be able to walk outside again or even run.  I really enjoyed that but this knee thing is prohibiting me from pursuing that option, so the stationary bike and my trainer is where I'm at.  Wish me luck and hope you enjoy the journey with me.  Monday is the day I officially start.  This week I've read the book and on Sunday I buy food and prep for the week!  

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Beryl said...

I think it is clever of you to have a picture of yourself before having kids. At least my husband remembers that I used to have "it", even if I don't have photographic evidence. At age 90, my mother got a different personal trainer and has actually lost weight and gotten firmer for the first time in 20 years. I haven't seen her, but my sister says it's amazing.