Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Life in General

Stuff is a happening in my life lately.  No big stuff, well, maybe it is.  I've been very quiet here and I'm not sure why.  It is coming up on my 7 year anniversary of blogging here and I've toyed with the idea of closing this down but after 7 years I just can't quite give it up but I feel guilty for not sharing.  I haven't even written in my handwritten journal either but twice since the fall and that is truly not like me.  

The painting thing is really hopping and that is great fun.  I’ve been selling and creating which is a huge high.  I’m gearing up for the show at The Canebrake in October and that takes a bit of my thought process too. 

I am SOOOo very glad that summer is finally here.  I know this spring has been horrible for a lot of people with the tornados here in Oklahoma and I know we have needed the rain immensely because of the drought but I’m done for now.  I’m ready for sunshine and warm temperatures.  The warm temps also help my knee.  You can’t imagine how much better my knee is with just warm sunshine to make it move better. 

On that note I had my yearly physical last Monday and was a bit nervous because of course the weight.  Even though I am overweight I do eat well and exercise and my blood pressure and cholesterol thing has been awesome but I always live in the fear that the BP could be an issue.  Especially since last fall when I was dealing with the intense pain from the knee and my BP was not good, but it was from the pain.  Well, Monday it was up and so he put me on blood pressure meds.  I don’t like that and then I thought about the fact that I have been eating a bit of Aleve to help with the other pain I’ve been dealing with in the knee when the cold temperatures were affecting it.  Do you think that could have made my BP higher?  I do question that, but I will do this medicine for a couple of weeks and go back and ask more questions and see if I’m better.  Dang it, I’ve always been able to keep everything A-Okay up until now but this gives The Hubby cause to give me the evil eye about the weight.  I don’t know why it just doesn’t budge, even though I was down 4 pounds.  I really eat very well and pretty much the same and even if I cut down a bit the scale doesn’t seem to move much.  My body seems to like this weight, the knees not so much, so hopefully, with the summer warming my joints up I can move better with the exercise

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sparkle100-havealook.blogspot.com said...

High B.P changes six times a day was told by my doc. My daughter also has it go up and down. If your a person who is always on the go. It can go up. Your a business women so what do you expect.

Never take B.Pressure my daughter was told in a rush after. No,no

Or after a exercise. My daughteris a business lady also.

You take it a hour later when your calm your b.pressue.

I never knew that myself.