Monday, June 17, 2013

No Left Turn

I've written a few times before about pet peeves and apparantly I have yet another. 

Pet Peeve number 6,025: 
People who do not read road signs, specifically NO LEFT TURN!
The road I travel to the office and home is under a bit of construction but at one intersection there is no left turn going north-south, the direction I'm usually traveling.  There are signs everywhere that say NO LEFT TURN, yet these non-observant drivers back up traffic, usually only allowing one car through a light, themselves!  Do they not realize that the traffic is backed up and it would make sense that they should not turn left anyway.  Oh no, that would make too much sense.  Oh gosh it is infuriating that people just don't read signs.  There is another one the next mile north that has a No Left Turn, but it is between 7-9 and 4-6 only.  People do not pay attention there either and it is a permanent sign.  I had one guy lay on his horn when I was turning left at 2 in the afternoon there, when I was LEGAL to turn.  READ THE SIGNS!  Lord knows you have time while you wait for the light, I know I do when the idiot in front of me is TURNING LEFT ILLEGALILY! 

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Beryl said...

You are being so nice assuming these people don't read the signs, when I just assume they are too self-centered to obey a sign that inconveniences them when there are no police around. I put them in the same category with drivers who almost cause an accident when they are about to miss their exit on the freeway, but could just as easily take the next exit and double back.