Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dieting Update

This is day three of my new diet and I must say it is going very well.  In fact, I weighed Monday morning just at the before I started this thing and from the first of the month from when I had my physical I had lost 4 pounds.  That was good news because I had been trying to watch it a bit.  Then I weighed this morning, Wednesday morning and lo and behold I had dropped another 6 pounds!!!! WHAT!!!!!!  Incredible!  I told The Hubby today that this has been rather easy and I haven't been hungry which is very strange.  I haven't even had a craving for anything.  Maybe there is something to this no flour, no sugar thing.  My real challenge will be at the cabin this weekend.  I so hope the ladies there are sticking to it and make it easy but I am not holding my breath.  What I have decided is that if there is not "group" meal planned then we will do our own meal and then gather later to socialize.  But if they are still doing it and group meal is planned, on the plan we will join in.  I am going to stick to this thing!  The Hubby just got his doc report too and his cholesterol is up too.  Usually it's his triglycerides but they were fine.  The doc wanted to put him on meds but he told them we were doing this diet and he wanted to wait and see if there was a difference.  Sadly I had to buy a blood pressure meter today to keep track of my BP for the doctor.  I really didn't want to do that but I gave in.  Hopefully, the weight loss will right all of this.

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Beryl said...

Great job by your husband lowering his triglycerides! it is interesting how fast your taste buds change. One month without sugar and you will think carrots taste just like candy. Keep up the good work!