Monday, August 27, 2012

Week(end) Wrap-up

Last week was full of go-go-go.  Mostly go with the car to the end of the street.  This morning I can hear the crew cleaning up broken concrete debris and pulling up the forms from the new driveway.  There is still yellow tape in front of the drive so we still do not have the all clear to drive on the driveway!  WAH!  I'm getting tired of climbing the tiered yard to my car and front door, especially with piles of groceries!  Yes, I know it will end, soon!  The Hubby spent the weekend wiring more lights in the new patio and yesterday cleaned out his pretty garage.  He's very proud of it and likes it spic-n-span!  
Last week I had a wonderful lunch with my friend Christine for her birthday.  We usually always spend our birthday lunches at Wild Fork at Utica Square.  It has become a tradition for us.   
While waiting for her this pesky, but cute little squirrel guy was persistent on trying to come to my table and my purse sitting at the side.  I tried shooing and waving my white napkin but he would not be deterred.  I decided I would snap his picture and that seemed to work.  He was not happy with that and fled.  

Today I will get my (I don't do The Hubby's, he's on his own) laundry done and a bit more painting.  I'm excited because class will begin soon as will  my portrait class!   

Lots of noise outside yet again.  The clean up crew plus the lawn guys and hopefully today the power washer guy!  I look forward to having it quiet by my house again, someday!

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