Thursday, August 16, 2012

Book Club

I was needing a group so I started a group.  I belonged to a book club a few years ago but it fell apart after about a year and a half.  I've been reading tons the past couple of years and decided that I wanted to be able to discuss what I was reading.  I compiled a few friends from my email list and began the process.  Some of these friends did not know each other and so a new group of friends would be formed.  We planned on getting together last month but as you know my house was NOT ready to accept people over, so, a month later, we met at my house last night.  There were only six in attendance as some were preparing for school starting the next day from elementary to college moving in day.  Next month we will have more.  

It was a busy day here at my house in preparation of company.  My cleaning crew was here at 9:30, the window-covering-lady and the brother-in-law were here at 10, the concrete guy to check out the backyard and the prospect of the new driveway and then the concrete-stain-spraying guy, the fence-bidding-guy and The Hubby...all at once.  OH MY GOODNESS!  It was crazy here.  What a crazy day.  Finally, they were all gone, it was quiet and my house smelled awesome and looked GREAT!  I was ready, wait I still had to go to Papa Murphy's for pizza, Whole Foods for veggies, and Lambrusco's for dill dip.  Off and running I was going.  

Home again, a quick bite of lunch and more quiet time in front of the easel.  I had time to think about how I wanted the evening to go.  I've never done something like this and I was apparently a bit nervous as my tummy began to start tumbling a bit.  

They arrived, we ate and discussed Fifty Shades of Grey.  A rousing discussion was great fun.  Some had not read it but that didn't hamper the talk.  What a fun evening and we quickly set up the next one with excitement.  Some of the ladies knew each other and some didn't and we all have the love of reading, a great start.  It was actually a bit hard to find a book we had not all read for the next read.  We did find Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and will have about 4 weeks to get it read and the discussion to begin!


Beryl said...

Sounds like a great evening! I'm going to have to find Lambrusco's, because I love Dill Dip!

Anonymous said...

Sounds awesome. I have always thought a book club would be great. I just started 50 shades of Grey - see what all the fuss is about..