Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday And All Is A Wall Of Concrete

Good morning everyone this beautiful Friday morning.  My life is nothing but concrete lately, and I mean that literally!  The back outdoor kitchen/patio is very close to done.  I won't have any more pic's until it is done.  The stain guy is finished and will pull up the protecting paper and then that darned electrician (The Hubby) will finish his work.  The outdoor furniture is ready to be delivered and I'm pretty darn excited about that, but...The Hubby has now decided that the driveway needs to be replaced.  So while I was at the office yesterday he texted me and said, "They've started the demolition."  WHAT!  I went home and was forced to park in the street and then at the neighbors as they are out of town (thank goodness.)  It's a big dirt pile in our front yard and will be for at least a week as The Hubby is going to put in snowmelt under the drive.  That means no shoveling ice and snow!  YEAH!  That being said it also means a longer time to get the thing done so I will be lugging groceries up through the yard and through the front door.  Will this madness called construction ever end.  Yes, it will eventually.  On a good note the orange, seemingly permanent fixture, called the Porta-Potty is GONE!  It went bye-bye Wednesday just before my new book club members arrived!  Another WHEW!  

Last night we went to a friends 25th Anniversary celebration of being in business.  It was at the new Central Park facility on 6th.  Fun to see a lot of people we knew and a blast from the past.  A guy I went to grade school through high school with, plus I picked up another book club member!  
Have a great weekend everyone!

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Cindy said...

We will all be jealous of your new driveway with snowmelt when we get our first snow!