Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Doggie Down

Yesterday was a sick doggie day.  Poor little Clayton was up and down all night long on Monday night and of course so was I.  He kept having to go outside and do his business, over and over and the licking....EEK! It was horrible, plus throw in my inability to sleep sometimes and it makes for a sick little dog the next morning and a very grouchy me!  Of course i missed work out because I flat slept in but when up I immediately called the vet and got the little guy in.  Something was not right.  
I took him to the clinic and left him to be evaluated and wait for a phone call.  Back home I thought I could go back to sleep and try and catch up but that was not the case, and believe me I tried.  I ate a bit of lunch and then The Hubby told me the audio visual guy was coming to see if he could fix our IPOD jack that allow us to play music to play in any room we want.  It's broken.  So wait for him.  Then the back yard counter top guy showed up and one or our electrical employees to work on the stuff outside.  Then the driveway guy showed up to power wash and then seal the drive and front walk again.  Finally, the house was empty of workers while the outside ones were still hard at it.  I ran to my bed to snooze a bit.  I also canceled an appointment to take advantage of some snore time.  Thirty minutes into a very deep sleep I was pulled out of the deep from my cell phone ringing.  I grabbed it thinking it might be the vet but no.  It was a guy from our high school reunion committee trying to set up a meeting.  Gosh, I wanted to sleep.  I was having a hard time making sense of my world I was so sleepy.  Back to sleep I got an hour of sleep time when the phone rang again, junk phone call.  So up I got and waited to hear from the vet.  

She called to let me know that his white blood cells were high indicating an infection.  He was vomiting and had uncontrollable diarrhea but they gave him some anti-nausea medicine and an antibiotic shot.  They did some blood work to check his kidneys and liver.  She said that she would call back when the blood work was done, about 5.  Wait, wait, wait.  That is what I do best.  I finally called, several times to check up on him. 
The vet kept calling me Mom and was very nice, a little too nice, but nice.  5:30 the phone had not rung so of course I called, again and talked to her.  His blood work came out fine and they were going to send him home, the explosive stuff was over...thank goodness.  I picked him up just in time for dinner, which he was quite happy, an antibiotic and a special can of food.  Our little guy was very happy to be home and I hoped to goodness he would sleep.  


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Poor pup!

Nonnie said...

Awww. I can't stand it when the dog is sick. So sad. (and so messy). Hope he's feeling better now.

Beryl said...

Poor baby! Hope the shot does the job. He does look happy to be home.