Monday, August 20, 2012

Week Past and Present

Yesterday I was able to do a lot of painting and finished this lovely little piece.  I put it on Facebook and got a ton of comments and likes and withing 2 minutes an interest in buying it.  WOW!  Talk about boosting my painting ego.  It's not even dry!  

The weekend was nice with The Hubby and I running off to the cabin for one night.  Not much going on there as school is about to start for a lot of kiddos and families are getting ready.  

Much needed rain also happened Saturday afternoon and last evening.  We needed the air to be cleaned as my allergies are driving me a bit crazy.  While The Hubby spent yesterday working on some of the wiring on the new patio and driveway (heat tape) I painted and then took some time in the garden.  I had forgotten that we bought a new electric tiller and it was still sitting in storage unused.  I was not about to use the thing with our backyard full of workers everyday this summer.  So yesterday I broke it out.  I also forgot about mosquito's!  There I was tilling away (which was AWESOME) and my mind was not thinking West Nile Virus.  I finished, put the thing away and went to sit with a cool glass if iced tea when my leg starting itching!  YIKES!!!!!  My legs were covered with at least ten mosquito bites.  GOOD GRIEF!  Luckily, when my body gets a mosquito bite it lasts about an hour and then totally goes away.  Let's just hope none of the dang things was "ONE OF THOSE" mosquito's.  

This week I will be spending a bit of time at the office while B does some of her "other" job things.  I don't mind at all and will be there a LOT this fall when our little girl arrives.  In just a few short weeks we will be holding that sweet little bundle and I can hardly stand the wait.  I just got an email from the other lovely in California with her airline flight info, timed, HOPEFULLY for the arrival of said wee one.  She is coming in two days before the due date.  

Tomorrow the new driveway should be poured so we, I plan on being able to drive into my garage but the weeks end.  At least the porta-potty is gone and I'm quite happy about that.  I'm hoping to be able to have the rest of the outdoor furniture delivered next week!  (Need to talk to The Hubby about that.)

Okay, I guess that's all the chit-chat I'm-a doing here for now.  Later gators, until I write again...tomorrow!



Winnie said...

Your painting is amazing! The vibrant colors and how you made the flower look like it is 3D and coming off the canvas. The center of the flower is amazing...You have a great talent. Congrats on the wee one coming you way toon!!

Flea said...

Oooo! A new driveway! I like your picture. You've become quite an artist. Are you looking for a gallery yet?

Beryl said...

New grandbaby is almost here! How exciting.
Lucky about your typical reaction to mosquito bites - but maybe if I didn't scratch mine, they would do the same. Someone told me that I should cover them with clear nailpolish.

Kay said...

Congratulations! That is a lovely, happy painting and will beautify any home.

Journey of Life said...

Such a lovely painting. And mosquitoes ... I got bitten while traveling and my gosh --they left me many marks ...