Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sore this morning

Wow, I'm pretty sore this morning after my personal trainer episode. I go again this morning and then not until Monday.

So here is my workout schedule:

Monday - Friday 5:45 am * Jazzercise (cardio)
Monday, Friday, Saturday 6pm * walking (2.5-3 miles each time)
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 8am * personal trainer
Wednesday 4:30 pm * bowling

Think I've bit off more than I can handle? Probably so but I'm pretty excited to finally get this weight to moving and it seems to be doing it. The Hubby is so excited and really behind it but I have to be careful that he's not too happy because he needs to know I'm not doing this for him it is totally for ME. This is the era for Jill. I'm going to be very self-centered for awhile to take care of myself.

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